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Hi Wionderful beings,
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10 Qualities of Visionary Leaders for Transitional Times

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leadership compass

Hi Wonderful Beings,
Just dropping January’s blog in here. Thanks for being a visionary in these transitional times.

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bold dark hymn

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Here is your December poem/blog gift

2014-08-16 21.27.23

…The forces of evil

might just be

forces of lightness,

an interrogation bulb,

searing perfectionism,

unrelenting cheer,

the pressure to be ever clean,

our inability to stop

to weep

to sleep.

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Weekend Edition – Your Writing Matters plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

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Relevant writing…why your writing matters in the face of well, everything.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Yes, your writing matters.

Image by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design Image by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design

I find comfort in unexpected patterns of discovery. When I am wrestling with a question, serendipity never fails to serve up a chain of touchstones that offer, if not an answer, perspective and guidance, or – at the very least – the knowledge that I am not alone in asking my question. This week I experienced just such Universal benevolence around the question, “Why bother writing?”

It’s a harsh question. I know.

But, I think it’s one many writers struggle with. In my case, I looked around at all the injustice and pain and suffering in the world and my desire to write seemed petty and insignificant in comparison. It felt frivolous and self-indulgent. Other people are out there doing Important Work – saving lives, inventing things, righting wrongs. And here I sit – hacking away at the keyboard…

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to the bone

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photo 2

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An Open Invitation to Become a Revolutionary Global Healer

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Hi Wonderful Beings,

AWB clinic IMG_3033

Here is your October Blog Post with fierce love.

…If you are doing something in your life to offer solace, comfort, relief, the potential for change or even a more jubilant way of living, you are bringing healing to our global community. I know there is a particular kind of medicine that moves through you. Maybe you have spent years in training or maybe you heal in quiet ways that have no name or which no one has ever seen before. Maybe something you can’t quite describe excites or frightens you about the possibility of being called a healer. There is something that happens in the treatment room, the office, the classroom, the hospital that has a lasting effect on our wider communities. And there is the healing you have witnessed, provided or experienced outside of these conventional settings. What if you are exactly the kind of revolutionary global healer that we have been waiting for?

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autumn ridge

Hi Wonderful Beings,
Here is a poem gift for you…

In September,
the trees teach me again
That the slow undressing of my soul
before resurrection
is a
bedtime ritual.

If I live as a forest does…
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